Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Will You Be My Patron?

Happy Valentine's Day! I mean, if you celebrate that sort of thing. I don't, but of course don't begrudge anyone that does.

But if you do, here's a pro tip...eschew the flowers! I was in the store today and I saw tons of guys there buying flowers at the last minute. Really? You think so much of your betrothed that the best you can do is run into the Jewel at 2 in the afternoon to buy some flowers, just like every other schmoe?

Come on! Your wife will like the gesture and the flowers, of course, but how about you try to win Valentine's Day, as opposed to just participating. Go online, find a recipe or two that you think you could make, and do something that your significant other will remember. Maybe in the meantime you will find out you actually like cooking and want to do more in the future.

That, my friend, is winning.

So I'm not asking you to be my Valentine, I'm asking you to be something much more important.

My Patron.

As most of you know, I have been chasing the dream of working in IndyCar since last year, when I started working with John Cummiskey Racing in the USF2000 series. I still hope to work with JCR this year but I decided I wanted to try something else too. I love racing, I love writing, and putting the two together could make me a formidable force.

So, I'm trying something. Inspired by NASCAR writer Jeff Gluck, I have set up my own Patreon account to crowdfund my dream of covering the IndyCar series. My goal is to make it to as may races as I can and give you the best IndyCar content I can provide.

Look, I know what it takes. I have been a credentialed sportswriter for 16 years, I know how to push out mega content and I want to do that for you, the fans. I want to be the on the ground eyes and ears and want to show you the world of IndyCar in a way that maybe you haven't seen before.

Your contribution as a Patron would help fund my travel expenses to each IndyCar stop, and in return I will give you constant content of what is going on, both on the track and in the paddock. And if you join me on this journey, there's something in it for you too.

So please, check out my page and check a box and let's get this thing going!

I would appreciate any and all help you can give. So thanks in advance, and I look forward to this journey.