Thursday, February 25, 2016

I Have A Podcast!


Sorry you haven't seen anything new in this space in a while. Lots of things have gotten in the way: school (I'm back in college!), work, family, etc. Oh yeah, and one other thing, back on Aug. 28 I crashed on a bicycle and broke my left humerus in three places!

I eventually had surgery on Sept. 8 where a doctor put a plate and 14 screws into my arm, so between that and my slings, splints and braces, I was left unable to type for several weeks, and by the time I was up for another blog post, the season was well over!

Here's what my arm looks like now, gnarly isn't it? Thankfully it has healed well, which was truly verified when I collided with someone while karting last weekend. I suffered some nerve damage in the accident and during surgery which has left me to hunt-and-peck typing with my left hand -- I can't open my hand all the way. But things are improving and I'm getting a little more function every day.

So what does this have to do with anything? Well, it means I have been thinking about the direction I want to go with the blog. I still enjoy doing this, but 15 Days In May celebrated its 6th birthday back in December and I was thinking I wanted to change things up a bit.

Back in November I stared a running podcast called "Let's Run Forever" (you can find it on SoundCloud and iTunes), and I've been having fun with it, and I decided that I was going to start a racing podcast too.

So say hello to the 15 Days In May podcast! I cut my first show this week, which you can hear on SoundCloud now and on iTunes sometime in the next day or two (I'm still awaiting approval). I really like how it turned out and I've gotten some positive feedback, so thanks for listening!

For right now, I'm only committing myself to doing a show after every other race weekend, and 2-3 additional shows in May -- of course -- but if popular demand deems it, I'd happily create some more. I'm still deciding on the format and possible guests and such, but I thought that hearing my thoughts about a race or whatever, instead of reading my shortened thoughts in a blog, might be more fun for everyone.

So give it a listen and let me know what you think. You can also email me at or shoot me a message on Twitter @15daysinmay.