Tuesday, February 22, 2011

15 DIM Investigative Report -- Tony Stewart Slimming Down for the Double?

(Editor's note: I'm totally having fun with this, just remember as you read this post to not take it seriously. Well, for the most part.)

First off, my confession: I watched both the Nationwide and Sprint Cup races at Daytona this weekend. My defenses were down as it's been a long winter and it is racing (well, sort of). Then again, a confession (and subsequent penance) is not necessary I know a lot of others did too. I got it out of my system, so it's on to St. Petersburg.

But in the end, I'm glad I did, because with all the talk of drivers doing the "double" of running both the Indy 500 and Coca-Cola 600 May 29th (now made possible with the 500 being moved up to noon), I noticed something very interesting.

When Tony Stewart was being interviewed following his win in the Whatever They Call It 300, I noticed that he appeared a bit slimmer than he had in a while. So like every great reporter, I went to the internet to do some intense investigation.

And I found something! Boy, did I ever.

(Let me repeat my note at the top for those of you skimming...my tounge is firmly in my cheek here.)

Below are exhibits A and B as to why we can officially start speculating that Tony Stewart might be doubling up this May. The first photo from last November, and the second from a NASCAR media day last week:


At a NASCAR media day in January, Stewart admitted that he had made changes in his diet. He said that he is approaching 40 (he hits the magic number on May 20) and just wants to feel better.

Hey, as a fellow quatrogenerian (my just-made-up term for people over 40), I understand where he is coming from.

But then again, could it be that he is losing weight and getting fitter so he can one, fit in an open wheel car and two, work his way to the fitness level needed to run 1,100 miles in two cities in the same day?

David L. Yeazell/speedwaymedia.com
Getting into shape is totally against his nature. Tony loves to eat, he loves to drink beer and is a frequent customer at Dairy Queen in Columbus, Ind. He even proudly appeared in Burger King commercials in support of one of his sponsors.

He's like us...that's totally part of his fan appeal.

In his career, the only other time I have heard him losing weight and getting into shape was when he was running the double a decade ago.

OK, maybe I'm off here. It could be possible that he wants to celebrating turning 40 by running a marathon. Maybe he wanted to lose weight to impress a girl at work (oops, yeah that's a rumor too). Lots of people do that.

But the internet wasn't founded for the purpose of the exchange of factual information. It's there so we can post pictures of people and start rampant speculations. Or to make fun of them.

Since Stewart is one of my all-time favorites, I'm going with the former. And I am starting some rampant speculation of my own. If anyone needs proof that he is running both races, we have it now!

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