Thursday, May 17, 2012

Frenetic Friday -- Hells Yeah It's Fast Friday Edition

Hope I didn't offend any of my readers with my headline, but it's the sentiment I'm feeling as I am doing laundry and packing my stuff for the weekend at the Speedway. Just a night's sleep and dropping my son Kevin off at school (oh and 215 miles of driving) separate me from a weekend of pure bliss.

I can't wait to get there! But as a reminder, you will find me and several of my fellow bloggers at the Social Media Garage located in the MotoGP garages 34 and 35 just south of the Pagoda. I will be there and wired in around 2:30 today and will stand my post until the field is officially full on Sunday afternoon.

The Social Media Garage (use the #SMGarage hashtag please!) is a place for fans to come together for Tweetups, contests, driver interaction and other cool social stuff. IMS staffer Cassie Conklin told us in an e-mail she wants it to be the "hippest place at IMS". If that was the case I'm guessing Ms. Conklin should have vetted her cast of characters a little better (I'll be the dorky one calling work so they can see me on the webcam), but I am going to keep that to myself since opportunities to sit at the cool kids table have always been few and far between for me.

Here is the SMG site that gives more info.

Anyway, to the left is the schedule, so check it out and make it in. I'm really excited to meet my fellow bloggers, as well as people I interact with on Twitter. It should be a lot of fun, and I plan to be as active as possible both here and on Twitter (@15daysinmay).

About the only time I won't will be when I'm out and about gathering stuff for stories. As a quick sidebar -- how easy is it to get pictures of the drivers? Do you just go up an ask? I hope so as my first story will be to see how many photos of cars, garages and drivers as I can in a short period of time.

The last time I was in the garage was 1992, and I'm guessing things have changed, so can I get a little help?

Keep an eye out on the SMG and all of the blogs as there will be boatloads of good stuff. As I mentioned the other day, many of the guys have put out some really inspired content, and I'm going to try like crazy to keep up. One thing I will provide, as I have all week, is a daily wrap-up and notebook of the events. And this time I'll have quotes!

As goofy as it sounds, being able to do this is a dream come true for me. So if anyone wants to stop by and talk a little racing, the more the merrier!

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  1. One thing I will provide, as I have all week, is a daily wrap-up and notebook of the events. And this time I'll have quotes!