Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Social (Media Garage) Experiment -- Part 2

As I mentioned on Friday, I and several other bloggers will be part of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway's Social Media Garage located in the MotoGP garage area, Nos. 34 and 35. The folks at the Speedway have started promoting it on their website and have a landing page that talks more about it.

You can find that here.

It also gives a roster of my fellow bloggers who will be in attendance and a few of the more detailed particulars that fans will be able to find in the Garage. If you haven't discovered and of the other guys' blogs or follow them on Twitter, please give them a read. They all do an excellent job and have posted some very inspired content as the month of May has been approaching. I know I am going to be very inspired to actually be on the grounds of the Speedway, so I think we all will have some great stuff from our unique angles.

So check out the page and if you are at the Speedway, stop by and say hello. If not, I should be wired in starting around 2 p.m. on Friday for Fast Friday particulars.

Just a reminder, you can catch me on Twitter: @15daysinmay

And on Facebook.

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  1. Hope to pop in or catch you guys somewhere on Pole Day... It's OK, just leave your laptop open and I'll fill in if you're out and about the track... heh.. heh..

    Congrats and have a great May!